Half Cut Theatre is a touring company focussed on bringing surprising, funny and moving work to every part of the country. We usually perform outdoors, we perform all year round, we perform in pub gardens, village greens, nearby castles, local theatres or anywhere we can pitch our stage and come together with the local community to tell our story.

We are passionate that theatre is for everyone, no matter where you live. And we also understand that going to the theatre can often be an expense that not everyone can stretch to. So we offer our productions on a Pay What You Decide basis. Book a ticket and decide what you'd like to give us afterwards; it's completely up to you!

We were inspired by an article in August 2020 by the playwright James Graham, who wrote about the need to reignite theatre in the UK in the wake of many months of industry-wide closure. He said “if we cannot for the time being go large, then we go local”. So that's what we did, managing to bring A Midsummer Night's Dream to audiences in Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire in September 2020. Our next two outings followed in November and December 2020; The Public Execution of Guido Fawkes (Kind Of)  and The Canterbury Tales at ChristmasWe have worn his motto as a badge of honour since then; “Any work. Anyhow. Anywhere.

We love to create work that usually has a recognisable title, but has a heart that is all Half Cut. We like to devise and we love to work in a democratic and equitable way where all of us - the company members, the backstage team, our venues and our audiences - have a sense of ownership over that piece of theatre springing into life in the sunshine.




Co-Founder & Producer

James trained at the Guildford School of Acting and has worked as an actor all over the UK and abroad. 

He has toured with Tilted Wig and The Lord Chamberlain's Men and, regionally, has worked for Creation in Oxford, Guildford Shakespeare Company, Frinton Summer Theatre and Red Shift in Edinburgh.

He is a dreadful cook but a half-decent baker.



Co-Founder & Producer

George trained as an actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has since worked with Pins and Needles, Bristol Old Vic, The Lord Chamberlain's Men and other companies across the country.

George is regretting embarking on Dry January in such a year as this



Co-Founder & Producer

Alex trained as an actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has gone on to work with The Watermill, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory, Archipelago and more companies across the country.

Alex has never made a website before. He hopes you can read it.

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We strongly believe that theatre should represent the diversity of the world around us both on and off stage in 2021. We know that diversity and democracy in both the theatrical workplace and the audience creates much more exciting and truthful work than the alternative.  As such, from 2021, we aim to have at least a 50:50 gender balance among our cast across each Season and will endeavour to cast from a diverse pool of performers.

Please hold us to account.