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Half Cut POSTER treasure island (TOURING) rgb colour.jpg


Summer 2021

A 'brilliantly buoyant production.' (Lucy Jollow, Daily Info).

'Half Cut theatre certainly knows how to entertain family audiences. And this show, complete with strong story telling, versatile acting, sea shanty-type songs and a wackily witty take on Cha Cha Slide is a fine example of it.' (Susan Elkin, Sardines)

‘Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, 

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’.

The sea calls Jim Hawkins. Adventure calls Jim Hawkins. Gold calls Jim Hawkins. 

Entrusted with the map to Treasure Island by the drunken Billy Bones, Jim is dragged on a journey laced with danger, shocks and pirates at every turn. But he doesn’t have to worry, the ship’s cook will look out for him. On the High Seas, you’ll never find a more trustworthy shipmate than Long John Silver...

Devised by the Company


Francesca Baker

Verity Kirk

Sophie Wilkinson

James Camp

George Readshaw

Alex Wilson


Alex Wilson


Ollie King

Anna Gorman

Poster Design:

Casey Andrews

Production Photography:
Harry Elletson


James Camp, George Readshaw, Alex Wilson

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