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Half Cut POSTER twelfth night (TOURING) rgb colour.jpg


Summer 2021

'A production full of versatility and energetic talent. ****' (Susan Elkin, Sardines).

A shipwreck tears a brother from a sister, and pitches Viola into the lovesick world of Orsino and his mission to woo the mourning Olivia. With only her own wits to rely on, she must navigate passionate dukes, besotted countesses, drunken Uncles, authoritarian staff and the changeable mood of the everpresent clown, Feste.

Half Cut brought their riotous energy to Shakespeare’s timeless story of mistaken identity, trickery and boiling passions. Though music is the food of love, will they be feasting on joy or sorrow come the final number?


Francesca Baker

Verity Kirk

Grace Liston

James Camp

George Readshaw

Alex Wilson


Alex Wilson


Ollie King

Roisin Martindale

Poster Design:

Casey Andrews

Production Photography:
Harry Elletson


James Camp, George Readshaw, Alex Wilson

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