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Autumn 2020

England. 1605. A Nation reeling from plague, plagued with division and divided about treason. 

Sound familiar?

We probably all fantasise about a plot of Parliament exploding right now, but come and discover the secrets of those who actually tried it.

Author and Lyricist: 

Alex Wilson


Ollie King

Poster Design:

Edward Bourne


King James VI & I: Sophie Wilkinson

William Shakespeare: Tamsin Dowsett

Guido Fawkes: George Readshaw

Earl of Salisbury: James Camp

Musician: Ollie King

*UPDATE* Due to the UK Government's implementation of a second National Lockdown from Thursday 5th November (we are staggeringly aware of the irony), we have had to take the devastating decision to postpone this production until Autumn 2021. Thank you so much to our supporters who responded so generously to our crowdfunding 'Phoenix' campaign  which ensured we were able to overcome this hurdle and be in the position to bring live theatre to audiences in December 2020. Half Cut Theatre is hugely grateful to:

Anne Lodziak

Anne Waite

Barry Dean

Debbie Johnson

Geraldine Poore

Jane Best

Jane Marshall

Jennifer Camp

Jo Bosworth

Kelly Robinson

Margaret Stribling 

Mark Cozens

Michael Wright

Mollie Bednarowski

Pam Marsden

Peter Dee

Susie Bidwell

Wendy Ansell

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